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  • Sandy Branch, ACSM CPT

5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

With You Tube and Pinterest at our disposal I am often asked why you need a personal trainer these days. There are many great reasons to go beyond a video feed or a post that makes promises it can’t keep. Here are a few reasons…

  1. Workouts tailored to YOU: A personal trainer is just that, personal. That person on the other side of the You Tube channel has no idea what your goals are, what your health limitations are, how you are motivated, or what you need to improve your fitness. When you hire a personal trainer, they take in your personal health history and your goals. A personal trainer will watch how you move, perform an exercise, and analyze where your weaknesses and strengths are. Your personal trainer will tailor your workouts with your lifestyle and schedule to prescribe you exercises that will work for your life. (Notice all the “your”s)

  2. Consistency:Having that accountability is the key for success in any weight loss and fitness journey. If you have an appointment with a personal trainer, you are more likely to come to the gym and have a great workout. It’s hard to skip the gym when someone is there waiting for you.

  3. Avoiding Injury:If you are new or experienced in exercise, it is helpful to have a personal trainer help you adjust or modify movements that may cause pain or difficulty. It is well worth the cost of hiring a trainer rather than the cost of seeing a doctor. A personal trainer can watch you as you perform an exercise and help cue you to the proper alignment for a safe and effective workout. They can also coach you on your weight load, speed of movement, and quantity of repetitions that best work for your abilities and goals.

  4. Sport specific: Do you want to run your first 5k? Looking for more stamina for that family hiking vacation? Maybe you want to improve your tennis game or golf swing? A personal trainer will work with you for specific exercises that match your goals. A knowledgeable personal trainer will prescribe you workouts designed to improve your performance and avoid injuries for your upcoming event.

  5. Motivation and Encouragement: We all know when someone is watching, you are going to work harder. It’s just human nature. Having a personal trainer by your side can really encourage you to do your best, help you set goals, and celebrate when you reach them. Just like a Youtube video can’t correct you when you perform an exercise incorrectly, neither can it celebrate with you when you perform well or reach a goal.

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